Regression Suite Automation: 2-Wk Implementation

Hitachi Solutions

Hitachi will implement Regression Suite Automation Tool (RSAT) as part of D365 F&O.

This offer will include demo, identify key processes to be recorded as test scripts, train the trainer, and include setup in DevOps/LCS.

What does the RSAT tool do?

  • Author and execute business cycle tests on any environment that can access Hitachi’s Unified Framework via Microsoft’s recommended web browser.
  • Build & Run tests in Sandbox environment utilizing a copy of Production database to validate expected outcome, values, and user error messages.
  • Record once, playback multiple times with different data sets and different legal entities.
  • Run tests specific to security roles and ascertain the impact.


  • Educate SMEs to expedite testing processes, updates, and modifications
  • Facilitate faster turn around for mock cutover, data, regression tests, security tests, and better environment strategy
  • Stay consistent, predictable, and seamless with new platform updates and features that are continuously released by Microsoft
  • Provide cost reduction in re-testing and validating the functionalities at the time of periodic updates


  • Demo of RSAT tool
  • Setup DevOps and LCS tools to align with RSAT
  • Create task recordings for key business processes identified by the client
  • Perform end-to-end walk-through of the business process and task recordings with respect to RSAT
  • Assist client with RSAT recordings

*Client is fully aware of enhancements, integrations, and ISVs from their previous implementation.