Retail By Appointment - 1 Day Implementation


Manage the safety of your Retail store staff and customers, whilst ensuring ease of the shopping experience with HSO's Click and Collect and Shopping Timeslot Reservation functionality.

HSO's 'Retail By Appointment' solution is an enhanced appointment booking process that utilises the options within the Microsoft Power Platform; combining them with HSO's industry knowledge and implementation experience to provide... - Full 'Click-and-Collect' functionality (allowing stores to record delivered packages and automate emailing to customers before a booking collection time - 'Store Shopping Reservation' functionality that manages customer numbers so as to keep them at required levels and ensure a safe environment.

The implementation leverages a predesigned solution built using Best-Practice code, to ensure a plug-and-play delivery approach and is supported with Data Integration support should you require it. Using Active Directory, only those with appropriate credentials can access the solution and the built-in enhanced security protocols ensure your staff only see what they need to. If changes or further functionality is desired, the solution can be customised uniquely (and simply) to your organisations needs.

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