Customer Insights: 1 Day Assessment

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights Accelerator - 1-Day Assessment

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights: Liberate your customer data to derive intelligent insights and actions based on unified data.

WHAT IS DYNAMICS 365 CUSTOMER INSIGHTS? Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is a customer data platform that helps organisations unify data from many different sources to gain a single view of a customer, derive insights, and take action to engage your customers on an individualised level. Empower your marketing, sales, and service professionals to deliver personalised experiences, at scale.

1-Day Assessment Engagement: What’s included

The Dynamics 365 Customer Insights 1-Day Assessment Engagement undertakes the following in a workshop-based delivery:

  • An overview of Dynamics 365 Customer Insights as a platform.

  • An immersive end-to-end demo of the platform and its capabilities.

  • A requirements gathering and ideation exercise to develop an accurate picture of your organisation’s needs, goals, pain points, and roadmap.

  • An interactive Q&A session including identifying next steps and likely use-cases and scenarios for your organisation.

  • Post workshop report: Summary of the requirements gathered with an indication of how well Dynamics 365 Customer Insights will fit your organisation, and some key recommendations for next steps.

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