Migrate Shared Data to Sharepoint:1-Day Assessment


Access your shared files from anywhere on any device without the hassle of a VPN

Does your organisation currently use Shared or Mapped Drives that you access through Windows Explorer? Do you have to connect to a VPN or use "offline files" when working outside of the office? Have you ever wanted to access your files from your tablet or phone when out on the road?

SharePoint Online is an easy step to migrate your files from historic mapped drives to the cloud. Most organisations attempt this unsuccessfully because the deeper structure of SharePoint Online is misunderstood, however it does not mean it is not possible.

With the right planning, architecture and structure, SharePoint Online can be used to provide you with access to your files. - Any device - laptop, tablet or mobile - Anywhere in the world - even without an internet connection* - Optimised storage so that you're not syncing huge data streams

*Only when previously synced

Microbyte have migrated lots of companies of varying sizes over to the cloud as a first step to adopting the wider Microsoft 365 ecosystem. Once your files are online, you can further integrate with systems such as Microsoft Teams and PowerAutomate.

In this introduction, we will work with you on the following areas: - Assess your existing data - storage sizes and structure etc. - A full demo of how SharePoint Online would work and integrate with your existing systems - Provide a template to design the layout of your future structure - taking into consideration the technical limitations of SharePoint - Assist with a providing a proof of concept and setting up a few users to try the system - Provide an indicative timeline and costing to migrate your files over to the cloud

This structured approach allows you to adopt SharePoint Online without facing the common challenges that most "lift and shift" scenarios seem to manifest.

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