Advanced Power BI Boot Camp: 4-Day Workshop

Pragmatic Works

The Advanced Power BI boot camp is specifically designed to strengthen your understanding and skills in the key areas for Power BI.

This course will explore lesser known Power BI advanced features. We begin with the languages of R and M to extend standard data extraction and data cleansing. Next is complex data modeling scenarios, relationships and advanced DAX. Lastly is advanced data visualization techniques and best practices for sharing and Power BI administration.


Day 1

Module 1—R Integration

  • R Integration (installation and configuration)
  • R Integration (R scripting basics)
  • R Integration (R for data cleansing)
  • R Integration (check if file exists)

Module 2—M Query

  • M Query (M syntax)
  • M Query (#shared)
  • M Query (M query basics)

Day 2

Module 3—Advanced Data Modeling

  • Advanced data modeling (filtering)
  • Advanced data modeling (cross-filtering and time intelligence)
  • Advanced data modeling (many to many with DAX)
  • Advanced data modeling (role playing tables with DAX)
  • Advanced data modeling (role playing tables without DAX)

Day 3-4

Module 4—DAX

  • DAX (introduction to filter context)
  • DAX (understanding CALCULATE)
  • DAX (FILTER function)
  • DAX (working with totals)
  • DAX (working with time intelligence functions)
  • DAX (row context and context transition)

Day 4


  • xVelocity (overview)
  • xVelocity (vertipaq analyzer)
  • xVelocity (column cardinality)
  • xVelocity (calculated columns)

Module 6—Advanced Visualizations

  • Advanced visualizations (digital storytelling)
  • Advanced visualizations (bookmarks)
  • Advanced visualizations (selection pane)
  • Advanced visualizations (drill-through)
  • Advanced visualizations (visuals with DAX)
  • Advanced visualizations (custom visuals)
  • Advanced visualizations (custom themes)

Module 7—Power BI Administration

  • Power BI administration (data refresh overview)
  • Power BI administration (scheduling data refresh)
  • Power BI administration (implementing row-level security)
  • Power BI administration (implementing dynamic security)
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