D365 Customer Insights: 3-Wk Proof of Concept

RSM Product Sales LLC

This rapid proof of concept will activate Customer Insights and Azure storage, stage customer data for use in Customer Insights, customer segmentation and customer profiles for analytics and export.

To grow online customer relationships at scale, Customer Insights can unify the enterprise’s customer data into rich profiles that support personalized messaging across digital channels and direct interactions.

RSM’s Customer Insights Quick Start focuses on design of customer segmentation, automated triggers and builds out Customer Insights using data exports from your source systems. Customer segments are defined and ready to export to destination systems. Results are demonstrated with a roadmap for real-time data connectivity, AI and third party data enrichment.

Engagement Objectives

  1. Demonstrate the Dynamics 365 Customer Insights solution with customer data and business-process scenarios
  2. Build consensus around the POC results
  3. Deepen understanding of the customer business objectives and scope of ETL requirements for real-time data refresh.
  4. Identify data and process constraints to customer profile completeness
  5. Provide an environment for further evaluation

Engagement deliverables

  • Configured trial Customer Insights and Azure environments
  • Source system data validation and modeling for ingestion
  • Customer profile configuration
  • Segments and measures POC, including up to 6 (six) segments and measures
  • Executive presentation of POC and customer data projects roadmap


  • The POC will consume flat-file data exports from source systems.
  • Customer system admins will collaborate with RSM on data and export design
  • Customer business stakeholders will collaborate with RSM to develop customer profile, segments and data export requirements.

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