Agri Mfg: 3-days Digital Assessment Workshop

Sonata Software Ltd.

Agri Operations & Data transformation

Sonata can enable Agri Manufacturing companies to achieve certainty and visibility in their business performance with its unique offering through connected platforms. Sonata platform solutions have provided our customers: -Vertically integrated operations transformation with data-driven digital solutions -Increased Growers & Farm operational productivity with insights -Sell-side supply chain transformation unique to Agri commodity-based Manufacturing companies The above offerings solution can be achieved through the MS Biz Apps platform. Dynamics 365 for Operations, Finance, and Supply chain focus on operations transformation along with Sonata's CTRM IP which is built on top of Dynamics 365 focusing on buy-side transformation. Dynamics 365 Supply Chain management enables both the buy side and sell side transformation with advanced order management, inventory management, fulfilment .etc. Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement along with Sonata's Modern Distribution platform which is built on top of Dynamics 365 focuses on the sell-side transformation. MS Azure Farm Beats platform focuses on Farmers/Growers services and farm insights. MS Sustainability cloud along with Sonata's Resustain IP platform focuses on a predictive and sustainable supply chain. Dynamics 365 commerce focuses on connected dealers and retailers bringing in more visibility on the downstream supply chain. Dynamics 365 Customer Insights focus on giving deep insights on the buy-side as well sell-side operations

Workshop Agenda: Day-1: Assessment of current technology landscape and digital journey Day-2: Creating a platform ecosystem tailored to your business Day-3: Co-creating a digital roadmap

Offer Pricing: This is only indicative pricing and the actual pricing will depend on the actual digital assessment workshop which will depend on factors like no. of days of the workshop, no. of locations to be covered, no. of departments .etc. which will be provided at the time of the actual program.

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