CRM QuickStart: 10-Day Implementation

Stoneridge Software LLC

*A QuickStart package for implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement.*

This QuickStart from Stoneridge Software gets you up and running on Microsoft's Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement quickly. We get your system provisioned; and set up your business units, users, and security. While deploying the Outlook client connecting Outlook to Customer Engagement, we import master data, customize your system - adding fields and personal views; and build you a custom report. Finally, we provide training on your configured system and go-live support. ### Agenda **Days 1-2** Get Started: * Get your online system provisioned * Set up your business units, users, and security * Set up email with server-side sync **Days 3-4** Deploy the Dynamics 365 App for Outlook: * Review your system requirements * Provide training on the app for Outlook * Provide information on mobile client access **Days 5-6** Load Master Data: * Get lists of leads, contacts, accounts, etc. * Import the master data **Days 7-8** Customize the System: * Add custom fields to forms * Create custom views * Train on creation of personal views * Build a report **Days 9-10** Go Live: * Provide training documentation specific to your instance * Conduct training * Provide go-live support ### Deliverables * CRM system up-and-running * Business units, users, and security setup * Master data imported * Installed Outlook client to connect CRM to Outlook * Training on system **Note** This implementation may take between two to six weeks and pricing may vary depending on client data.
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