Power BI Governance: 4-Wk Implementation

Talos Consulting Pty Ltd

Power BI Governance - the Power BI platform is a key delivery system of critical data assets. We apply our experience to ensure it is governed, secure, managed and deployed to deliver impact

Power BI is much more than a reporting tool - it is an enterprise data platform that exposes some of your organisations most valuable data assets. As a result, proper governance and management of the platform and it's use is essential.

The Talos Power BI Governance Framework builds on the experience of many enterprise Power BI deployments. It's aim is to ensure that your implementation is impactful, secure and managed effectively. It examines:

Defining Scope and Aims of Governance Platform & Data Security Collaboration approaches Technical platform management Deployment and adoption strategy Licensing advisory High level Data Platform Architectures

These then provide a comprehensive set of guidelines to build, deploy and run your Power BI implementation successfully. It leverages the practices in the Talos PEBBLE Power BI Enterprise Methodology and the principles in the Talos Power BI Whitepaper.

This exercise is estimated at 4 weeks of effort at the listed price, which is typical for most organisations. However this may vary depending on size and complexity of the organisation and its specific needs..

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