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PowerRoster makes rostering easier by automating your workforce allocation. Ensure you are never short staffed, and that you have the right resources available in the right place, at the right time.

Facing challenges ensuring that you have the right staff available to meet the demands of scheduled work? Struggling with being short staffed? Do you need to make sure break compliance is adhered to?

Power Roster is here to help.

Power Roster gives you full visibility into resources and staff availability to ensure you are never short staffed and that you have the right resources available at the right time in the right place.

How PowerRoster can help you:

  • Build Rosters In Minutes Schedule the right staff, at the right times, across different roles or locations. Easily fill shifts based on employee availability, training, and working patterns.

-Never Be Short Staffed If someone calls in sick, find a qualified replacement without a single phone call or text.

  • Data Driven, Optimised Rosters With A Single Click Use data to create the optimal roster for your business and then let your scheduling experts adjust for the nuances of your business, getting to a great outcome faster and for a lower cost.

-Share Rosters Instantly Send rosters straight to your team via desktop or mobile.

-Fill Empty Shifts Quickly Share available shifts with your team. Allow staff to apply for the shift, then pick the most suitable person for the job. Or simply fill the shift on a first-come, first-served basis

  • Meal And Rest Break Compliance Made Simple Roster multiple breaks and break types in a single shift. Our scheduling app frees your business from the worries of break compliance and coverage.

How does PowerRoster work with Dynamics 365 Field Service? Simple!

  1. You provide your demand forecast.
  2. PowerRoster optimises your roster and identifies the teams.
  3. Field Services constructs your work schedule with that team.

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*This offering is for implementation services and prices may vary depending on length of engagement and your unique needs.

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