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A complete solution for Engineering Change Note (ECN) with Dynamics 365 Business Central

ECN is an artifact used to implement changes to components or end products. It is utilized to control and coordinate changes to product designs that evolve over time. The Engineering change note holds an important place for all kinds of manufacturing companies.

This add-on in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central is a helpful feature to track the changes that occur and to evaluate the impact of the changes. ECN is created in the system when a customer requests a change after the production order has been executed or BOM is revised due to new development, customer requirement, parts unavailability, obsoleteness etc.


1. ECN helps the organizations to evaluate the costing impact and abnormal losses due to change before it can be made.
2. It also summarizes the material that has been used and will be treated as a loss.
3. It outlines the time for introducing & implementing the approved design changes.  
4. Bring structure and discipline to the product data management process.
5. Gives you increased data quality and reliability, making changes smoother as well as reduces time.
6. Reports help businesses in tracking the stock changes and streamlines inventory availability & inventory valuation. 


1. Control your Bill of Material and Item changes.
2. ECN simulate cost impact due to change in component and related process/ operation before actual changes in BOM.
3. Displays who approved the changes and the reason for the change.
4. Track the creation, modification and implementation date.
5. History is kept on each step of the Engineering Change Management Process.
6. Integrates with production BOM and its versions.
7. Creation of item variants is possible through ECN card.
8. Existing item variant feature can be used as item versioning through ECN for discrete manufacturing component/ parts.
9. Through ECN user can add, modify, and delete any item in production BOM.
10. User can create either new version of production BOM or Update in current production BOM through ECN card.
11. ECN allows to finish current Prod. Order even after change.
12. Component requirement will automatically be updated in ongoing Planned, Firm planned and Released production order by validation process.
13. Auto refresh production order if sub-Assembly is added, quantity is changed or deleted at any low level within FG.
14. Suggest Changes in open purchase orders due to change.
15. Track finished production orders to update changes (if require) in product already in stock or sold.

Supported Editions

This app supports the Premium edition of Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported Countries

Canada, India, United Kingdom, and United States. Supported Languages English only.

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