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A compact tool to summarize shipments throughout the system.

Revolutionize your shipping by creating an easy usable solution for you and your shipping agents.

The "LeBit Transport Planning"-App was made to help you organize your warehouse shipments throughout the system. Right now we are especially focused on outgoing source documents (sales order, service order, transfer order, purchase return order) for which we created a plug-and-play automation, so you can start using the App for all created shipments prior to deployment and optimize sales and shipments right from the get-go.
What do i get?
The App basically collects all the warehouse shipments demanding attention in your system and displays them onto an new page, from which you can then create a "Transport Order". With this addition you can interlace deliveries, first by being able to put information of multiple sales orders into one warehouse shipment and then again putting multiple shipments into the new "Transport Order" which is mainly used to precisely describe the payload of a truck or cart leaving your lot.
Why would i want this?
Coming from many years of experience with large companies who need to precisely define their outgoing shipments, we have gotten a lot of requests for a singular solution which takes care of clearly stating whats in a lorry. This was needed for inspections of authorities and straight forward communication between the sender and the transport partner. With those things in mind "Transport Planning" was made, to have one unifying document which will easy any sending process.
How will it help me?
By taking away any need to monitor warehouse shipments separately and collecting all the information for due shipments into one user interface, from which you can see all, filter all and mass handle any occurring shipment lines. Resulting from that, you´ll get a new "order" which can be connected to your deliverers via API for a fast communication of transport needs which is prone to less errors.

Get it now and forget all your troubles with planing your shipments and communicating them with third parties. We understand that you might be using Business Central in a very modified state and have some additional needs, the base app cant yet handle, but we are open for new tasks and challenges so stop waiting about and hit us up and get the app tomorrow!
If there is anything you´d like to see or need for your integration, our plans are already to expand the usability onto all Business Central Modules with a sensible need for advanced transportation, but we are open to your suggestion or customer specific extensions and will gladly help you with a smooth deployment.

Supported Editions:

This app supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported Countries:

Germany, Austria, Switzerland and United States

Supported Languages:

German and English

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