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Take command of your inventory with an ABC/XYZ classification and Safety Stock calculation

Enhance your stock management with Powerblox Stock Control with an integrated ABC/XYZ classification system. Utilize historical data or forecasts for classification, customize weight factors, and consider service level percentages. You can also choose from six stock calculation methods, tailor them to specific ABC/XYZ combinations, and get recalculated proposals for inventory levels.

Key Features:

    • Employ an integrated classification system based on demand and/or lead time uncertainty (ABC/XYZ classification).
    • Calculate your ABC/XYZ classification by leveraging historical data and/or forecasts.
    • Easily identify exceptional purchases and sales transactions.
    • Customize weight factors for single or multiple months.
    • Factor in your service level percentage during stock level calculations.
    • Opt for real purchase lead-times or utilize lead time data from the item card.
    • Organize your inventory by classifying items into stock control categories.
    • Choose from six distinct methods for safety, minimum, and maximum stock calculations, including the "normal distribution method."
    • Tailor these methods to each unique ABC and XYZ combination.
    • Calculate ABC classifications based on volume, revenue, cost, or margin.
    • Receive a proposal list featuring recalculated suggestions for ABC/XYZ and safety stock, minimum stock, and maximum stock levels.

Supported Editions:

This app supports the Essentials and Premium Editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Supported Countries:

Is available for all countries.

Supported Languages:

This app is available in English, Dutch and French.

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