ProBatch 365 Scale Integration


Connect your production scales to your ERP system

Is weighing part of your everyday processes? If the processes around goods receipt, production, quality assurance, and shipping depend on efficient and seamlessly integrated weighing, then the YAVEON ProBatch 365 Scale Integration is perfect for you. The add-on relies on innovative integration techniques and has been developed to the highest standards for use even in regulated environments, e.g., in pharmaceutical and medical technology companies. All requirements such as FDA, EU GMP, ISO13485, MDR and IVDR are met.

A particular benefit is the ability to link YAVEON ProBatch 365 Scale Integration to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, and the other products, that are optimized to work together, such as YAVEON ProBatch 365 Manufacturing or YAVEON ProBatch 365 Lot Management (including rule framework).

A powerful scale management system provides technical connection. This enables communication with all leading manufacturers, e.g., Mettler Toledo, Sartorius, Mineba intec, Bizerba, Precisia, Söhnle professional, and many more. Expansion to other manufacturers is possible if required. Does the system meet all requirements for use in a validated environment and with hazardous substances? Of course.

Here’s what you get:

  • Weigh safely and intuitively

Optimized dialogues, supported by insightful graphics, provide all the information you need on the scales every day. Vital information, such as hazardous substance symbols, are displayed directly where the user can’t miss them - safety comes first!

  • Get ready for more

Do you need other features, such as automated cyclic hardware testing, mobile and stationary scale workstations, locations, storage zones, specially qualified hardware, post-process label printing, or detailed authorization restrictions for scale users? Here’s where the solution comes into its own.

  • Secure and efficient processing

Weighing orders are created directly in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and transferred to the scale management system with all the necessary information. You can view the status and all collected data at a glance at any time via the central weighing order. Consumption postings are processed automatically – if required, you can even configure them for an automatic correction of minor stock deviations. Tolerance specifications also protect against errors and associated wastage.

By the way, both individual and additive weighing steps can be defined, because this is the only way to use the module flexibly, practice-orientated and, above all, with high process reliability.

  • Do you process batches of active ingredients? Do it with ease.

Use active ingredient characteristics to calculate component proportions, which is exactly where the actual values of the batch are entered.

If excipients are required, they are adapted proportionate to the active ingredient position. The compensatory substance is then calculated anti-proportionally to the sum of all active ingredients and excipient components. Simple, convenient, and time-saving.

  • Using ProBatch Rule Management on the scale

Can a lot be weighed, is it usable for this processing step, or has it just become unusable? These questions are now obsolete. In combination with ProBatch Rule Management, you no longer have to worry about these problems – only permitted lots may be used, and this can even be configured and optimized in detail.

  • It is also quite simple

Do many of your items have no lots or active ingredients at all? Of course, these can also be weighed - even a little bit easier.

The weighing processes in production can be used immediately. General weighing, e.g., for quality control, warehouse receipt, and shipping will be available soon.

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Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

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