Filing Invoices


Filing Invoices for Dynamics 365

Poor invoicing methods can be highly detrimental for a business. So often invoices are not filed correctly, creating pools of incorrect account information which can lead to erroneous, clumsy communications with customers and partners.

The Colombia Invoicing Module allows local and foreign businesses operating in Colombia to manage incoming invoices (physical and electronic) directly from Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations while complying with Colombia standards and regulations.

Once the invoice arrives, you can easily start the process of approval and registration. After logging the invoice, the filing module syncs the record with required supporting documents like purchases or invoice diaries.

Example process:

  1. Purchase order invoices for invoices in invoice journals to receive
  2. Supplier receives invoices
  3. Location of invoice is created
  4. Sticker printed directly
  5. Invoice validation (from purchase order or not)
  6. Automatic request for approval sent to respective parties
  7. Approval or rejection
  8. History of process is recorded in the filing system


  • Stremline process for acceptance, rejection and management of invoices
  • Automate and control incoming invoices
  • Ensures correct and consistent communication with suppliers
  • Filing in manual or electronic form
  • Populates required documents related to invoices
  • Installation, implementation and training are simple and fast since no configuration is required

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