DXC Label Extension for Warehouse Management


Optimize label design with access to your batch master data

DXC Label Extension for Warehouse Management

Designing and printing labels is a critical business function. Without access to your crucial batch data, this can be a timeconsuming, error-prone and manual process. In addition when designing labels with an external label tool you often need to make modifications to the code after you copy it to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operation application. DXC Label Extension for Warehouse Management dramatically simplifies this process by providing seamless access to batch master data in your ERP installation, so you can make label designs to meet your exact business needs and create multiple, different labels from a single label design

See real-time label printing status notifications

When running a continuous production flow within a global network, several printers can produce many labels per day. The DXC Label Extension's built-in Viewer Tool provides an overview of all labels printed from your ERP system with efficient, real-time status notifications. When your system generates a label, you can open a browser-tab that shows a preview of the label with the specific data included.


  • Save time and resources with optimized label design
  • Reduce the number of label layouts you need to make
  • Ensure data accuracy by referencing batch data from your ERP installation
  • Use without technical expertise
  • Fast verification of label layouts with instant label views and previews


  • Seamless integration with your document routing processes
  • Access batch data fields and attributes, and include additional details about your batch-controlled products in your label designs
  • Automatically merge data from external label design tools without code modifications
  • Viewer Tool to view and monitor all labels printed in your ERP system
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