Advanced shipping solution

Visionet Systems, Inc

Parcel carrier integration (UPS, FedEx), rate shop, GS1/UCC128 label printing & vendor scan & pack

Visionet's fully integrated Advanced Shipping Solution is able to manifest real time to common carriers like UPS, FedEx.

The solution provides following key capabilities for direct-to-consumer (parcel shipping):

    • Shipping profile configurations for multiple carriers
    • Ability to assign carrier of choice by customers
    • Ability to dynamically choose between own or customer's shipper account
    • Auto-manifest to parcel carriers from packing
    • Automating return label printing
    • Capture shipping and return tracking information
    • Customer service features for sending return labels, status updates or tracking information to customers
    • Pre-configured common small parcel carrier services for UPS, FedEx
    • Rate shopping with common carriers

The solution includes following inbound & outbound freight (LTL/TL) shipment capabilities:

    • User defined GS1/UCC-128 carton label formatting & printing 
    • Attaching carton label print templates to customers or group of customers 
    • Extended vendor portal scan & pack capability for the vendors/factories
    • Extended vendor portal auto containerization for vendors/factories & bulk label printing
    • Bulk label printing for DC flow-thru / cross-dock scenarios 

Visionet is a one-stop shop with 20+ years of supply chain, retail and distribution industry experience. Our technology-driven innovative solutions empower operations optimization and efficiency.

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