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Orchestrate, Accelerate & Integrate shipments

AXtension Shipping Control offers the flexibility you need to define, organize, and ship your valuable goods.

Define shipments how you see fit, at any moment in time. Get full flexibility in adding items that do not exist in you inventory management system and explode item structures to containerize de-assembled components without impacting your actual inventory.

  • Define shipments before actual shipment
  • Explode bill of material to ship sub-assemblies
  • Create manual lines to add items that are not part of your inventory management
  • Share Track & Trace information with stakeholders
  • Act & React on item compliance

Use workflows to orchestrate your shipments for validations, complete required documentation or request custom clearance ahead of time. Manage your shipments centrally to prevent process disruptions and stay in control of the required progress.

  • Build container structures on your shipment definition
  • Add any line to any level of containerization
  • Split quantities across containers

Book your shipments directly with the carrier using the right service level after evaluating costs, pickup and delivery dates. Get the track & trace information including customer sign-off as soon as the customer has received the goods. Integrate all your logistics service providers into one unified process.

  • Get shipment costs, pick-up and delivery date
  • Book the shipment instantly with the carrier
  • Manage track & trace information
  • Receive customer sign-off after materials are received

"Why AXtension Shipping Control?"

Define, Organize and Ship goods and exceed the limitations of your inventory management system.

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