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Dynamics Agri & Fresh - Lot Evaluation (grower accounting)

Cegeka Dynamics Agri & Fresh combines specially developed components for the Agri & fresh food industry on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations solving pain points such as specific customer requirements and commission-based trading (grower accounting or lot evaluation). Based on years of experience and best practices we've elaborated the standard solution of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations with fresh food components and extended the solution to fit food scenarios in ERP, CE (CRM), HR, and BI. Internationally operating fresh food customers (provided upon demand) use the solution.

Dynamics Agri & Fresh gathers many Cegeka components that complete the finance, production, trade, supply chain, warehousing, and quality functionality of D365 with Lot Evaluation, Fast Order Entry, Time based Inventory, EDI Framework, Advanced Pricing, Back Order management, Global Contracts. Cegeka complements the solution with an integration platform to easily link D365 with your existing systems; and a Business Insights tool to see all (payback) transactions over vendors, growers, and companies; per transaction type, items, charge element fields, evaluation journal properties…​ With Dynamics Agri & Fresh you're ready for the future.

Dynamics Agri & Fresh - Lot evaluation is an extension for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Operations for grower accounting. It provides the possibility to evaluate the profitability of each lot separately instead of analyzing the total on a periodical basis. The solution offers a better and clearer calculation of purchase prices by including all costs incurred. By adding a desired profitability to the calculated purchase price, you get a clear and well-substantiated sales price.

All data regarding costs and compensations are registered and maintained on the Lot (Batch). Lot Evaluation uses a rules engine to calculate and add charges to orders and documents. Settlements are part of lot evaluation to add vendor charges distributed over different batches. Batch tracing makes sure that all costs and revenues are traceable to the original batch. And the solution supports a supplier payback to the grower, based on calculated batch costs and revenues which can even be grouped per invoice. Lot evaluation helps you in setting the right net sales price starting from a base price with additional cost elements.

Characteristics are:

  • Manage and evaluate costs & revenues on lots
  • Derive purchase prices (supplier payback and commission)
  • Derive sales prices (net sales price)
  • Margin insight (revenue – COGS – internal costs)
  • Multi-dimensional analysis of lot results

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