Greek Localization for D365 Commerce-Finance-SCM

de DIS - Dynamic Integrated Solutions SA

Microsoft preferred solution

Official Localization for Greece since 2007 for D365 Commerce, Finance and Supply Chain Management

Feel free to contact us for an app demonstration and arrange a reference call with live customers because Tax Legislation Compliance matters

Greek Localization Features
  • VAT requirements and reporting
  • Chart of accounts compliance validations and maintenance
  • Master data enhancements. Regulatory information for customers and vendors
  • Regulatory extensions of all journal types: invoices, payments, general journals
  • Regulatory extensions for project transactions
  • Year end additional fiscal periods
  • MYF (applicable for Greek market)
  • Document series management
  • Fixed asset depreciation enhancements
  • Reversal documents
  • Adjustment documents
  • Withheld TAX
  • Bank payments and integrations
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Configurable business documents

Solution Benefits
  • Stay compliant with the Greek Financial legal requirements.
  • Take advantage of the well-known best practices of the Greek market and embrace them. 
  • Availability in previous versions (AX4, AX2009, AX2012)

Solution extensions
  • Extensions for Cyprus
  • Extensions for Annata 365 For Finance & SCM (Automotive industry)

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