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Finance | Invoicing - automated customer invoicing: save time and minimize effort

The Invoicing extension from Finance | SUITE offers you a fully automated solution. Once set up, not even a click is required to generate the collective invoices. Instead, a fully automated batch run is started every evening, which posts an invoice for the customer analogous to the invoicing interval. The function is based on the standard functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Supply Chain Management for batch invoicing and is completely integrated into the system.

GWS Finance | Invoicing for Dynamics 365 F&SCM
provides you with a solution with the following advantages:

▪ Manual processing is eliminated through automated invoicing
▪ Simple set up of the parameters for invoicing at the customer
▪ High-performance runtimes – batch runs are performed at defined times
▪ The day interval at the customer controls the invoice date
▪ Time & cost saving – possibility of complete invoicing
▪ Simple, understandable use – one-time setup
▪ Maximum flexibility – simple criteria for separating invoices and credit notes
▪ Maximum options – summary update for invoices per invoice account, per order or per packing slip
▪ High transparency through execution history with direct link to invoice journal and invoice history

The solution can also be used for companies in all sectors where customer orders are invoiced.

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