RSM Retail - Subscription and Curated Club

de RSM Product Sales LLC

Allows customers to sign up, build and manage subscriptions on Dynamics 365 Commerce.

RSM’s Subscription and Curated Club solution provides the tools necessary for consumers to setup and manage recurring subscriptions. After a customer signs up on eCommerce for a subscription, customer subscription information automatically processes from ecommerce to the back office/HQ.  Processes then handle and manage recurring orders and collect payment.

Key Features:

  • Subscriptions

o   Subscriptions for B2B scenarios and B2C scenarios

o   Self-service from Dynamics 365 Commerce platform

o   Email notifications for upcoming orders and account changes

o   Order event email notifications

o   Automated order creation and payment processing

o   Order forecasting

  • Curated Clubs

o   Bulk order creation

o   Sign up email notification

o   Membership add on offers

o   Curated orders by club membership level

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