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Maritime Logistics for Microsoft D365 F&O.

For more than 15 years Ultimate Software has been developing and implementing tailored solutions for maritime logistics processes. The solutions work as a module within Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (F&O) and support complex maritime logistics processes like port calls, nominations and contracts, work order and resource planning, time registration, billing, and much more. Information is entered at the source and then re-used within the relevant processes.

The port call is where all the information of an individual port call is registered, such as: port of call, berths, imo number, parties, ETA/ETD, SOF, etcetera. Registration can also take place through an agency portal or electronic data transfer with a PCS (Port Community System). The port call functionality includes handling of quay conflicts and registration of crane / resource reservations. The registration of facts is used for the calculation of disbursements and invoices.

Services templates that are applicable to a certain port call, based on its port, vessel type, direction, or otherwise can be created. Pre-defined port tariffs (for instance vessel duty, dockage, wharfage fees and fresh water deliveries) are defined and used for a standard calculation of a vessel’s calling expenses for the operational situation on each port call.

The registered duties and services on the port call are the basis for billing. FlexPort offers several inquiries to find non-invoiced transactions. Depending on the parameter set-up and approval procedures, single or multiple invoices are generated. Per port call multiple parties may act as invoice parties. For a complete Maritime Logistics product overview visit

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