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Solution to effectively manage and position candidates tailored to client needs.

With So Sourcing, managing your candidates and positioning them with your clients has never been easier. Because each organization is unique, we offer you the possibility to further your customer experience by adapting the application and its functionalities to your specific needs. So Sourcing was developed based on Microsoft Dynamics. Beyond the fact that it is one of the best tools of the market for the customer experience, it is above all a reliable and scalable tool. Microsoft offers a real functional palette that facilitates the digital transformation of your customer relationship. Make the most of your CV library: • Qualifying your candidates via interview guides adapted to the job you are looking for, • Management of the ROME (Operational Directory of Trades and Jobs) codes and business cards, • Evaluation of your candidates via an interface with the market testing tools (PerformanSe, E-testing), • Locate and attract new talents through the publication of job offers. Optimize your investments: • Management of recruitments on various contracts and delegations (interim), • Search for the best candidates according to numerous criteria (availability, qualifications, work constraints …), • Manage the recurring needs of your customers to anticipate their possible requests for reinforcements, • Management of the whole process of delegating the expression of need to the delegation of the candidate, • Management of invoicing of benefits. Easy reporting and integration: • Generation of relevant reports and dashboards, • Integration with Microsoft solutions allowing powerful synergy (Outlook, Collaboration, CRM, …), • Integration with your extranet.

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