ArganoArbela Care Check-In App

de Arbela Technologies Corp.

Free mobile app to facilitate critical support requests and stay connected

The ArganoArbela Care Check-In App (Care App) was originally developed to help our colleagues and their families in Ukraine whose lives and means of communication were shattered by the war started in February of 2022. Now we are providing this mobile application at no cost, allowing organizations to keep connected to their employees in need and facilitate support requests through a single interface.

However, as with ArganoArbela’s SafeScreen (created in response to the COVID pandemic), the ways in which the Care App could be used outside of its original impetus were immediately apparent.

A mobile app that supports online, offline, and external users, the Care App provides:

  • An open, fast and safe line of communication that’s not dependent on an internet connection (messages can be created and stored without an internet/WiFi/cellular connection and are immediately sent once a connection becomes available)

  • Push notifications and reminders to stay updated with the latest information

  • Ability to upload emergency information and other data to be shared with team members through the app

  • A real-time dashboard showing team members’ locations and check-in/request statuses

  • The ability to easily create and delegate team member check-ins and automate contact requests

  • The ability for team members to quickly send requests for help

The Care App works on any mobile device, regardless of OS. It leverages tools from the Microsoft stack, including Power Apps, Power BI, Azure AD, and Azure Location Services. This app was designed in, and for, times of crisis and uncertainty, which necessitates a rapid deployment and light footprint, and as such it can be delivered within just one day. Download for free today to stay connected with your team and provide critical support needed.

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