Sohema 365

de Avocette Technologies

Sohema 365 provides human services case management for government or non-government organizations.

Case Management the Sohema Way

Sohema 365 case management provides the core case management that forms the building blocks for human services organizations' case management needs.

Sohema 365 is built on the concepts of case management and on industry standards which Avocette has evolved over the last 30 years of case management systems development and implementations.

Next Generation of Sohema

Sohema 365 is Avocette’s next generation, cloud enabled, integrated case management solution.

Built on Microsoft’s industry leading Dynamics 365 platform, Sohema 365 gives you the confidence of quality products from Microsoft and a highly configurable case management platform that encompasses flexibility, scalability, high availability, security and privacy.

Sohema 365 focuses on the user experience.

Sohema’s user experience puts the client at the center and makes accessing information on the client and the case easy to find and reference.

Program Areas Supported

Sohema 365 includes out of the box case types that can be used as models to fit matching programs or for extending to other programs.

  • Complaints
    • Incidents 
    • Child and Family Services
    • Counselling
    • Investigation
    • Fraud Case Management
    • General services

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