Configurable Workflow&SLAs engine (Light)

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The objective is to model, in a open, flexible and configurable way, complex Workflows in Dyn 365


  • Zero-coding and no IT skills needed to configure a Workflow
  • Integrated SLAs management engine that can trigger events and activate Workflow transition
  • All configurations are done using Dynamics 365 only
  • Clear Workflow management with visibility on possible next actions and transition
  • Guided workflow including contextual documentation
  • Workflow audit on occurred transition


  • 8 Workflow Steps Limit
  • 2 SLAs Limit
  • It can be used with Case entity only

FULL VERSION (Contact us!

  • No pre-defined limitation on Workflow Steps
  • No pre-defined limitation on configurable SLAs
  • Workflow attachable to any business entity

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