GoToWebinar Integration for Dynamics 365 Marketing

de Coffee & Dunn, Inc.

This solution allows users to integrate the Go-To-Webinar platform with Dynamics 365 Marketing.


·       Revenue: Drive more revenue by turning webinar leads into closed sales

·       Efficiency: Eliminate the need to create multiple contacts and webinar content assets in multiple systems

·       Customer Engagement: Leverage one platform for personalize, nurture and manage webinar registrations, content and communications

·       Insights: Utilize one platform for intelligence around each webinar lead or contact across your organization

·       Scale: Make it easy to optimize and scale your webinar event programs and campaigns

Use Case Examples:

1.       Webinar events created (and modified) in Dynamics are automatically synced to GoToWebinar

2.       Event registrations created in Dynamics are synced to GoToWebinar (and vice versa)

3.       Attendance tracking is synced from GoToWebinar back into Dynamics

4.       All webinar event communications are created and executed through one platform, Dynamics 365 Marketing

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