Streamline sales strategies and make more sales calls with Dynamics CRM mapping.

Detailed, advance planning results in more successful sales trips. From a desktop in the office or a laptop or tablet in a hotel room, CRM SmartMap helps users set appointments, follow up on leads, build daily call and travel plans, and share activities and status updates with the entire organization. Customer and prospect data is incorporated into easy‐to‐use street and satellite maps with scalable icons to identify your most critical customers. Dynamic roll‐over capabilities help prioritize prospecting activities more efficiently, putting all needed information on a single map. To identify precise sales opportunities within a territory, sales reps need to zero in on specific information from your CRM database. Because CRM SmartMap integrates with Dynamics CRM, it quickly isolates and analyzes the desired data and creates a visual interpretation using Bing Maps’ industry‐standard mapping tools. In addition to choosing from standard sales‐related fields, CRM SmartMap empowers reps to include any data that can help assess the potential value of a sales call. Location, sales volume, company size, industry, past sales and date ranges are among the many options to create a highly focused map within a given radius or sales territory. *Includes standard 2 hour set-up and training. Visit for more information.
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