Purchase Requisition App (Tablet)


Purchase Requisition App developed using Microsoft Power platform

A complete end-to-end Microsoft PowerApps based solution for purchase requisition generation and approval process which allows the employees of an organization to generate and approve purchase requisitions, and keep a track of all of their requisition headers and respective lines by a comprehensive set of controls and reports.

The app's primary features include the following:

  • Multi site, multi currency and multi language features
  • Secure access using Office365 account login
  • The logged in user can only view the Purchase Requisition Header Information created by them and send for review
  • Multiple requisition lines for a single purchase requisition header
  • User can raise requisitions for either Inventory items/variants vs. Write-in products
  • Straight line or hierarchy based workflow approval using Microsoft Power Automate
  • Delegation of Authority (Role based approval workflow)
  • Supports purchasing policies like spending limit for each employee to decide on manual vs. auto approval
  • Analytics charts/reports
  • Recalling a purchase requisition if not yet approved by approver(s)
  • User-friendly and user-familiar screens and interfaces
  • My Approvals workspace
  • Approval history

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