Employer Crisis Communication and Contact Tracing

Katpro Technologies Inc

The app helps to share information to employees and capture health status along with recent visits.

The Crisis Communication app provides a simple and a user-friendly experience to connect employees with information about a crisis. It enables the organization to share all information in one place and quickly get updates on internal company news, get answers to frequently asked questions, and get access to important information like links and emergency contacts. 
In addition to sharing information to employees, employers can capture their health status, recent work related onsite visits and the contacts they met with constant reminders to log the details.

Features of Crisis Communication 

  •  Request Help.
  •  Share Health Status and Work Location.
  • Capture Vendors and Customers they met
  •  Setup and Search Emergency Contacts.
  •  Company News.
  •  World News.
  •  Frequently Asked Questions.
  •  Useful Links • Automated Emails.
  •  Crisis Admin Portal/ App.


The solution requires following additional components to run properly

  • Office365 with mailboxes, 
  • Teams License, 
  • SharePoint Online, 
  • Power apps and Flow.

With all industries and manufacturing units going into production, it is a necessity that employers need to capture this information from employees that helps in keeping all safe.