Kockpit SalesPlow

de Kockpit Analytics Pvt. Ltd

Manage your day-to-day operations easily with Kockpit SalesPlow.

Kockpit SalesPlow is a revolutionary new platform that takes care of field users' daily operations. It is a one-stop-shop for all management needs and is responsible for delivering a smooth and sleek experience to our field users.

Harnessing the powers of Microsoft dynamics, Kockpit SalesPlow ensures topmost transparency between executives and managers while reassuring productivity, security, and a seamless user-friendly experience.

  • Easy Punch in/out

  • Hassle-free task management

  • Quick expenses

  • Claims settlement

Log-in in a swish:
  1. Download the Power Apps through play store/Appstore

  2. Sign in to your Power Apps account through the allotted ID

  3. Go to all apps

  4. Tap on SalesPlow and here you go!

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