EditablGrid Pro

de MTC

Edit Any 2 Entities down the Column like an Excel.

Editable Grid Pro Works by adding a graphical UI "overlay", to CRM standard or custom Views and works with all field types, all CRM Views including sub-grids standard and custom. Settings area allows easy complete grid implementation Entity Administration and Security above Role compliance - allows easy configuration control.

Product Highlights:

  • Sales Administration will be delighted with the new ease of creating, and refining through in-grid editing, data sets they use in handling of quotes, orders, invoices, leads, products, and other high-volume Editing requirements.
  • The Marketing team will wonder how they ever added and manipulated all the records of data they constantly need to update without Super Grid. Building new and accurate data sets now becomes a snap!
  • The Accounting staff will appreciate the familiarity now brought to the Customer Relationship Management xRM solution with the 10-key movement controls they are so used to and expect in their job.
  • C-Level Managers will appreciate the enhanced user control of CRM data now afforded them as more appropriate, comfortable, and efficient for their periodic updating needs.

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