DRM PowerApp

de Nubes Systems and Technology

DRM PowerApp, the Doctor Relationship Management App

Pharmaceutical businesses need a special customized customer relationship management CRM software... Doctor Relationship Management (DRM PowerApp) is the simplest, most efficient customer relationship management application designed especially for pharmaceutical companies, to record and track their services to their main customers... "The Doctors", to maximize customer value through ongoing marketing activity founded on intimate customer knowledge established through collection, management, and leverage of doctor information and contact history. DRM PowerApp is about perfecting relationships to maximize a doctor's value over time.

Why you should consider DRM PowerApp from Nubes Systems and Technology?

Well, by using DRM PowerApp and DRM PowerApp Analysis Report you will get the most comprehensive unparalleled analysis charts and dashboards like:

  • KPIs
  • Compliance to sending reports
  • Planned vs actual visits
  • Doctors coverage and frequency of visits
  • Analysis of the Ladder of Adoption
  • No of visits per product per medical rep
  • Analysis for the coaching reports and progress of skills per medical rep.
  • Ability to connect to Sales to measure Med rep efficiency and costs.

All of this and much more coming analysis, without wasting your time doing the analysis by yourself!

Additional required apps

  • Installation of DRM PowerApp Analysis Report


  • Middle East and North Africa including Iran and Turkey

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