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Occupancy management technology for the modern workplace

Occupancy Management Technology from Occuspace

A powerful tool in a critical time

Occuspace keeps track of your spaces so you don’t have to with real-time occupancy monitoring and modern business intelligence solutions for a safer, smarter workplace.

Help make the return to work experience more comfortable and convenient for your teams with an easy and affordable occupancy management solution offering convenient data integration with Microsoft Power Platform.

Occuspace is the creator of occupancy monitoring technology that is changing the way businesses understand and control how their physical spaces are being used. The self-installable sensors scan for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth activity from laptops, cell phones, wearables and other connected devices without storing any personally identifiable information to determine real-time building density.

Machine learning algorithms learn a space to determine when building occupancy is at the right comfort level for your business and employees, revealing live space occupancy with over 90% accuracy. Built-in features include: 

  • Expedite return to work plans. Working with Occuspace requires zero infrastructure changes to install and start monitoring office spaces down to the floor-level.

  • Automate building monitoring at scale. Remain COVID compliant and minimize potential disruptions due to overcrowding by setting a target capacity for any workspace and get alerts if the space density starts to exceed it. 

  • Build trust through transparency with employees. Businesses can integrate Occuspace data into Microsoft Power Apps as well as display occupancy levels on monitors within the office allowing employees to see the busyness of office spaces in real-time and make informed decisions about where to go.

  • Improve space utilization using data, not guesstimates. Occupancy analytics data helps business stakeholders learn from past trends for space planning, reducing energy consumption and observing foot traffic flows.

Businesses with any communal space can leverage the power of occupancy data to more efficiently design and allocate high foot traffic areas to remain COVID compliant and improve the in-person experience, creating a more loyal and trusted relationship between management and employees.

CONTACT US to learn how occupancy monitoring can help your business expedite the return-to-work process.

**Requires Microsoft Return to Work solution installed

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