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An integration between Fireflies with Dynamics 365, which allows you to synchronize your transcripts

Fireflies for Dynamics is the Fireflies integration with Dynamics 365 which allows you to record, transcribe, and automate meeting notes within Dynamics 365 Sales. AI assistant Fred can join your Microsoft Teams meetings. After meetings, your notes will automatically be sent to Dynamics 365. A link to your call transcript, audio recording, and brief notes will be included. Fireflies for Dynamics has now revolutionized the way how teams communicate within Dynamics 365.

Main Features

  • Fireflies transcripts with in Dynamics 365.
  • Creating meeting participants as contacts in Dynamics 365.
  • Sync previous meetings within Dynamics 365.
  • Associating contacts with their related transcripts.
  • Containing a link to the detailed transcript and audio of your meeting.
  • Track your all meetings within Dynamics 365.

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