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Interactive Activity Timeline

Soluzione IT Services Pvt. Ltd.

View activities and notes in an integrated & interactive vertical timeline manner.

Dynamics CRM provides an activity pane which is an amazing placeholder to display all customer interactions in one place. But it has its own limitations, so many times, we want the users to view activities but while adding we want to capture some more fields, for example, adding a custom follow-up field on task or showcasing the activities in more interactive manner. Soluzione’s activity timeline tries to overcome those. Key design parameters which for the base of activity timeline are:

Single contextual view:

Activity timline provides a single integrated timline view to view activities and notes in a single pane. Default CRM provides different tabs for viewing the same and does not give the complete timeline context.

Visually appealing and Interactive:

You will have to agree that default activity timeline is a bit mundane and CRM is all about engaging. So, we wanted to attract and encourage users to engage & contribute using a more visually appealing view.


Above all, the most important feature is that we can customize the way it behaves, add additional fields and the form it opens etc. If you have such request then feel free to contact us at