GLOW (Green Light On Window)

de We Plus

Easy tool for sales force that enable to create offer, quote and contracts in mobile app

Managing a distributed sales force throughout the territory, without having a complex and structured IT structure, it is difficult to standardize customer acquisition and manage sales processes.

Often the collection and completeness of data is not satisfactory, and the continuous change of regulations makes it difficult to update the quotation calculation processes.

The customer relied on the solution to have a tool to give to the sales force as an extension of the Microsoft 365 platform, in which agents have access to documentation, email, price lists and productivity reports. With GLOW, the customers report that reduce administrative activities by 50%, gain in image and customer management and revolutionize agents job.

With the GLOW adoption in Microsoft 365 environment, the company have a native app, fully integrated with company documents repository, business rules and interactions. GLOW is a SaaS solution that take advantage of business license model of Microsoft 365

  • GLOW is built using Power Apps, Power Automate and all reduces your dependency on Third-Party tools or custom code
  • GLOW is fully and natively integrated with Microsoft 365 tools, like SharePoint Online with customers information, catalogues, technical product data sheet and so on.
  • Sales Force can get analytics and statistics on own performance build on Power BI

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