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de Domain 6 Inc.

Community contacts tracing and effective emergency management. (COVID-19,etc.)

Why Community Hub
  • Track your contacts for proactive crisis management
  • Increase safety for your residents and staff
  • Enhance service and unify execution

Community Hub by Domain 6 benefits & features:
- Quickly respond during emergencies like COVID-19 by having data at your fingertips, such as number of residents under investigation, number of residents positive with COVID-19, number of residents intubated, number of residents transferred to ICU
- Discover trends across the organization and hotspots within specific geographies with company dashboard across communities
- Use insights to identify staffing, equipment and supply needs. Report to stakeholders on crisis management efforts taken
- Empower collaboration between different departments of your company to deliver the best service to your residents
- Receive automatically scheduled activity reminders, enable escalations and approval for immediate service requests for your staff
- Create seamless communication between your residents and their loved ones with Family Portal. Easy visit scheduling, visibility into community events, important news and announcements, white-glove concierge service and more
- Simplified move-in process with detailed activities
- Manage a resident profile with the ability to include: level of care, special needs, affinities, interests, hobbies, as well as family and concerned parties
- Automate care planning and administration by tracking care required by day
- Get insights into your residents’ health & wellness indexes with real-time out-of-the-box capabilities
- Residents and staff contact tracing
- Identify resident risk profiles, detect anomalies across your community trends

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