A business platform for employee's productivity and cross talent collaboration

xtendo is a business app to be used across an organization to provide overall visibility on projects across departments and to leverage employees’ skills and giving them an opportunity to contribute and collaborate with more colleagues beyond their normal interaction chain of people.


In an ever-growing dynamic marketplace and to position the company to scale up per the external challenges and internal needs, each and the skills and utilisation of all resources in any entity is very vital. Moreover, there should be an easy transparent system in place to broadcast the availability of need and demand. xtendo is just in time to bridge the gap or to broaden and strengthen more the existing link. 


xtendo is developed on Power Platform and leverages the organizational Active Directory credentials for all employees' seamless access and contribution. It is designed in such a manner that it can be easily configured to be matrix across an organization scaled across regions or even between different sites/departments within one region.

It provides a flexible platform for any requesting department to post their needs for guidance, assistance on any specific requirements, skill-set support either be for short seasonal engagement or rolling assignments, which any employee can potentially look for acceptance provided the skills match and can accommodate along with his existing responsibilities.


In this manner, xtendo provides an opportunity for all employees to collaborate more at organizational level apart from their line of duties or known people link. Moreover, this provides an avenue for both employee and others to know how effectively they can contribute above their core specialization area and potentially self-evaluate their skills, passions and directions for internal rotation and engagements.