Condense - the News and Corporate Information App

Itsystems AG

A playful app experience to consume organisational news and information anywhere, anytime.

Many organisations face the challenge to efficiently deliver important information and messages to their employees. The flow of information is often hard to measure and control.

We have created a beautiful and streamlined app that empowers the user. It gives him a playful experience to consume information anywhere, anytime. The content creator has a simple yet powerful interface to create and manage his posts, complemented by powerful analytics help to govern and analyse the flow of information.

Intranets and projects in corporate communications have been our passion for many years. We leveraged this pool of knowledge to build Condense.

Condense main features:

  • Your corporate communications managers create news articles in an neat web UI limited to the essentials.
  • Your employees install the app on their smartphones and read your corporate news anytime and anywhere.
  • With automatic news targeting your news articles reach the right audience, urgent messages can be spread via push notifications and polls and usage analytics help you optimize your corporate communications.
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