YeeOffice for Microsoft Office 365

Akmii Information Limited.

YeeOffice provides you the best enterprise collaboration and workflow management platform.

YeeOffice is a platform of enterprise collaboration and workflow management. It helps you to quickly build contents and workflows for your organization in a single, centralized place. YeeOffice includes 8 apps through internal protal, document center, workflow center to project management and sales management, integrating apps for a seamless solution for every business process.

YeeOffice provides the powerful form and workflow enginee. With YeeOffice, you can easily create complex e-forms, design workflows, generate reports and manage business data from online.

YeeOffice for Microsoft Office 365 integrate with Microsoft Office 365, like Outlook and SharePoint Online. Office 365 administrators can enable this capability for their company by associating a new or existing YeeOffice subscription with their Microsoft Active Directory domain.

YeeOffice provides the Responsive UI Layouts, which can give users the best experiences in multiple devices. users can access via any devices (PC, laptop or phone) from anywhere.

NOTE: YeeOffice is a subscription-based service and requires either a free trial or paid account.

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