Zoho Inventory

Zoho Corporation Private Limited

Zoho Inventory is an online inventory management software crafted for the growing businesses

Zoho Inventory is a cloud-based inventory management software, that assists you in organizing and keeping track on the movement of the stock.

Zoho Inventory works with Microsoft Azure Active Directory giving you single sign-on using your Microsoft credentials.

With Zoho Inventory you can :

1. Set a re-order level and get notified whenever your stock goes below re-order level

2. Create invoices, bills and shipping labels from a single application

3. Centralized inventory system for multiple warehouses.

4. Expand your business online and manage daily transactions with the help of Zoho Inventory. Set up and integrate your Amazon, eBay or Shopify account, so that every time you make a sale, the inventory gets automatically updated across the stores.

5. Integrate with shipping carriers, payment gateways, accounting and CRM software in simple steps

6. Make informed business decisions with our extensive reports.

7. Keep track on the movement of each item in your inventory with Serial number tracking and have better control over your expirable stock with Batch tracking feature

8. Send regular updates about the location of the package to your customer after shipping it from your store

9. Set workflows and automate some of your regular operations with simple steps so that, you can focus more on growing your business

10. Download Zoho Inventory iOS application and manage your business on the go

With Zoho Inventory and Office 365 integration, you can,

1.Import customers to Zoho Inventory to avoid manually updating all the contact information.

2.Import your employee information and give role-based access to your Zoho Inventory account. So that, you have control over who sees what.

NOTE: Zoho Inventory is a subscription-based service and requires either a free trial or paid account.

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