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Transform agenda-led meetings with this meeting-manager app by eShare.

Managing agenda-led meetings has never been easier with the MeetingSquared app from eShare.

Online meeting management makes meetings more efficient, simpler to organise and easier by replacing traditional tools, such as paper or document sharing sites. Meeting Squared harnesses the power of your SharePoint or Office 365 account and makes it easy to build and manage agenda-led meetings and capture follow up actions and notes.


An interactive agenda has everything you need in one place – documents, past minutes, third party sites – and with automated actions to remind members to complete their tasks. Say goodbye to lost emails and missing minutes, with MeetingSquared everything is in one place where you need it.

- The intuitive design and first time help tools make building your first agenda really easy. Create a committee and from here create your first meeting, set up an agenda and add a document to an agenda item with just a few clicks. Once you add attendees you can send the meeting to them by clicking publish. Any updates you make after that are immediately effective to all those with access.

- MeetingSquared goes beyond other meeting management software by integrating with Outlook using the companion AgendaBuilder app. This means any emails or documents in Outlook can be easily added to your agenda.

- This isn’t just an app for your laptop, it connects to our tablet apps for Windows, Android or Apple devices, so you can access your meeting papers wherever you are.

So download the 30 day free trial and see how the MeetingSquared app can improve your meetings.


Getting up and running with MeetingSquared is simple.

From your SharePoint site, select ‘Site Contents’ (displayed above under the Cog wheel symbol). On the left hand navigation bar click on ‘SharePoint Store’. Enter ‘MeetingSquared’ into the search bar in the top right corner to find the app. Select the number of users and then click ‘Buy it’ or ‘Try it’. An alert will appear on screen. If you are happy with the terms and conditions, select ‘Trust It’ to proceed. The app will begin to install on the SharePoint site. Once installed, it is possible to create a custom App Park on your homepage as a short cut. Select ‘edit’ in the top right hand corner to enter the design view. Select ‘Insert’ then ‘Select App Part’ and click on the ‘MeetingSquared app’ from the ‘Parts’ section, then select ‘Add’. Once completed the MeetingSquared App Part will appear. Click ‘Save’. Or ‘Edit’ to make further changes.

To add your first user, select ‘Share’ in the top right hand corner of your SharePoint homepage (with the MeetingSquared App Part displayed). A control box will appear on screen. Enter the name of the user and from here you can opt to send an email invitation to the user notifying them of their access, as well as giving you the option to select the type of access you wish to grant the user. If the user is to be a Controller with full access, we recommend selecting the ‘Edit’ option. For attendees, the ‘Read’ option will be sufficient. Click ‘Share’ to complete the process.

For a full We App Installation Guide with screenshots, or any help getting started please contact


To find out about the MeetingSquared Pro version or bulk pricing options, please contact our sales team on or call +44 (0)845 200 7829.


eShare provides web and app based governance and meeting management tools. In the last 12 years, the company has expanded from its origins in the UK, where it has a prestigious list of well-known brands and public sector clients, to work with partners and clients across the globe.

eShare incorporates customer feedback into every step of the development process, ensuring that MeetingSquared doesn’t just meet, but exceeds the needs and expectations of clients.