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Manage corporate templates and content

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Our solution allows you and your co-workers to easily make documents, presentations and e-mails in your corporate style. Take control of your communications and keep them up-to-date by adding or modifying business locations, units, logo’s, users, etc.

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Output and interaction in different languages

Creating your documents in a different language is easier than ever. Besides this, your user interaction can also be changed to any language.

Integration in existing application

Use data from different systems and/or data sources to enrich your documents. Next, store the created documents (including metadata) in different systems, such as SharePoint.


Our API supports the automated creation of documents in different formats.

You choose where you want to use our solution

You can choose where to use our solution. Whether this is within Microsoft Office, SharePoint, Dynamics CRM or Office 365. Besides this, you can also use our solution in your web browser or on your tablet. It's up to you.

Layout and content separate

Because layout and content are separate, it is easy to apply changes to your corporate style. At the same time, you can easily create content that is automatically adjusted to comply with corporate style.

The system can handle the use of several organizations, locations, and departments and contains all imaginable employee data, making it easy to personalize all your Office correspondence.

Please note: The add-in only works in combination with Need any further assistance? Please contact a member of our team at +31 78 699 29 00 or at for more details.

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