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Modern HR to track time, attendance, projects, OT & time-off, and schedule WFO, WFH, & shift rosters

AttendanceBot is the all-in-one Microsoft Teams solution to integrate time off, time tracking, shift rosters, overtime, and project management in one system. Whether you need better visibility into vacations, PTO banks, and sick callouts, a simple way to track wfh, wfo, and field work, a simpler system for employee clocks, punches, and breaks, better oversight into overtime and time off in lieu, better insight into project rates and billables, or more robust employee schedule planning and shift notifications, AttendanceBot bring each and all directly into your Teams workspace.

Time Tracking and Project / Client Work

Whether remote or in the office, simple ‘in' and 'out' elections are all you need to punch in and out and improve your timesheet accuracy. You can use ‘lunch’ or ‘break’ to maintain compliance and make sure colleagues know when you’re away, or set flexible overtime rules, alerts, and controls to get a handle on extra hours. For an even deeper understanding of time use, track time to projects, clients, or tasks, manage client-project portfolios, calculate project rates or employee wages, and fully analyze time spent using excel or our powerful visualization dashboards. Plus keep your team in the know with statusing, channel updates, query commands, and an easy-access punch board showing your teams’ in/out, break, project, and OOO status.

Time off, Absence, and Leave Scheduling

Rapidly callout, book time off, create approval flows, notify your team, and sync OOO and auto reply with your Outlook calendar. Admins are equipped with full control over leave types, rules, limits, and accruals, as well as organizational holidays and blackout dates. Teams are empowered with instant access to balances, approvals, team availability, and past or future reporting via CSV or external dashboard. Next time you're out sick, see how a quick text from bed notifies exactly the right people.

Shift Rostering and Sign-ups

Schedule your employee shifts with our sleek shift planning interface, while keeping your team in the know using Teams. Admins save time with custom alerts, quick-assign templates, and shift criteria, along with access to the master calendar and instant reporting on shift and timesheet data. Meanwhile AttendanceBot simplifies for employees by automatically notifying when shifts are assigned and sending reminders for upcoming shifts. Team members can even look up their schedule and sign-up for unclaimed shift spots right in Teams.

Hybrid Work and Office Booking

Don't overcomplicate - discover how world-class hybrid offices are run. Manage hybrid policies like office capacity or expected WFO each week, then empower your team to plan their own time in the office, at home, on the road, or in the field with simple bookings like “WFH next friday” or “ito Monday.” Create recurring weekly schedules or let employees plan daily, and activate intelligent reminders where you need them. Keep everyone’s status synced with Slack, posted to the right groups, and organized on the calendar so no one ever wonders who’s in the office.


• Fully customizable leave types, like PTO, vacations, sick days, and floating holidays

• Calendar integration (Outlook, Google, iCloud)

• Robust leave accrual options, including rollovers, expirations, caps, prorated allocations, negative balances, and future deductions

• Holidays calendars, blackout dates, and leave limits

• Multi-level approvals

• WFH and WFO booking and capacity planning

• Tracking clocks, breaks, and lunches

• Overtime management and notifications

• On demand timesheets and payroll reports

• Hourly bill syncing to QuickBooks Online

• Time tracking for projects, clients, and tasks, as well as rates and billables

• Project analytics dashboard

• Shift scheduling, reporting, and notifications

• Shift templates and signups

• Shift calendar with sorting, quick filters, and daily, weekly, and monthly views

• Myriad options for Teams notifications, reminders, alerts, and announcements

• Employee-level policy assignment

• CSV/Excel reports

Start your two-week free trial now. AttendanceBot is free for workspaces with up to 5 users, and you can contact to chat with our founders or ask questions about payroll integrations like Gusto, BambooHR, and JustWorks.

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