Jedox Online Add-In

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This Jedox Online Add-in allows you to use Excel for web application to access your Jedox data.

The Jedox Online Add-in enables access to Jedox Enterprise Performance Management in Microsoft Excel for web.

The Jedox Online Add-in allows you to read, analyze, and edit data from Jedox Planning and Performance Management in Excel for web and save values and comments to the Jedox In-Memory Database.

Once your Jedox data is visible in Excel then you can use standard Excel features and functions to manage your data and to produce visual representations of it, e.g. various charts, graphs, and plots, and you can use additional Jedox functions in the same spreadsheet. It offers many of the features in the original Add-In for the Excel Desktop version. This early release does not yet support all features of the original Jedox Online Add-In but the production release will be feature compliant with the earlier version.

This gives you and your colleagues access to the familiar Jedox capabilities that you enjoy via the Jedox Web interface, or the original desktop Add-In, now via your Office 365 subscription. You will be able to plan your critical business processes such as Sales Planning and other corporate performance management processes in the familiar context of Microsoft Excel, maximising the value of many years of user experience and training with Microsoft Excel while minimising the costs of change from Desktop to Web.

In the near future all new features and functions we develop for Excel will be added first to this new Jedox Online Add-In for use with Excel for web.

The Jedox Suite is a collection of software features and functions that support our core market of corporate performance planning. The foundation of the Suite is the Jedox OLAP database, a 100% in-memory Online Analytic Processing database that provides very sparse storage at very high performance. The Jedox Web provides a Micrsoft Excel-like browser-based interface for creating, editing, or consuming your business process workflows and models. A set of underlying custom functions augments the standard Microsoft Excel functions with sophisticated Jedox-only functions for retrieving, editing, saving, and displaying Jedox data. The Jedox Modeler allows you to model your business process workflows and the Jedox Integrator offers many connectors to a large number of other data management tools, e.g. Power BI, Qlik, Tableau, SAP, etc.

Please see the Jedox Knowledge Base at for comprehensive information about the Jedox Suite and the Jedox Online Add-In.

The Jedox Online Add-in is provided under the same Terms and Conditions as other Jedox software, as described here (link to come), giving you the same assurance of quality and reliability that you are accustomed to from the original Jedox Add-in and the whole Jedox Suite.

Use of the Jedox Online Add-In for Excel for web requires access to a Jedox Suite server, either a demo ( or a subscription


Use of the Jedox Online Add-in for Excel for web also requires you to have access to Excel for web ("Excel for the Web") via either a demo ( of Office 365 or a subscription


Once your Jedox Suite trial has expired, and/or your Office Online trial has expired, you will need to purchase subscriptions to continue to use these services.

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