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A bot that helps you send SMS, straight from your Microsoft Teams client!

A bot that helps you send SMS, straight from your Microsoft Teams client!

CelliBot is an app for Microsoft Teams which aims to provide you and your colleagues with simple ways of handling everyday tasks in a simple and efficient manner from a single client regardless of whether you are using Microsoft Teams on your computer, in your phone, or in your web browser. Wherever you are, and as long as you have access to the internet, you can keep in touch with your customers and colleagues in a professional manner.

  • Want to send an SMS but not switch applications, send the SMS straight from Teams with CelliBot.
  • Want to send the same SMS to several recipients, send the SMS straight from Teams with CelliBot.
  • Want to send an SMS with your company’s name or number as the sender, send the SMS straight Teams with CelliBot.

Just tell CelliBot that you would like to send an SMS and type in the recipient’s number followed by whether you would like to send the message from any number in particular, and, lastly, the actual message text that you would like to send.

CelliBot will require your confirmation before making sure the message is properly sent and delivered to all your requested recipients. The recipients will see the sender as the number or name that you choose to send the message from – sending company related SMS to your customers has never been easier!

If you want a certain name to appear as the sender, you need to contact Cellip’s customer service beforehand to add it to your list of available senders.

Should you be unsure which numbers are available to you to use as sender, you can ask CelliBot to show you the numbers and names that are available to you to pick from and set as the sender for your messages.

Keep track of your taken and missed calls from response groups by using the Dashboard tab! Here you can see all the calls you have answered and missed as well as calling out with a single click (Teams Calls or other softphone software required).

If you need further help or assistance with what is available or how to do something with CelliBot, please refer to the “Help” tab to see written information about the commands available and their usage.

  • Log in
  • Send SMS
  • Set display number
  • List available display numbers
  • Help
  • Log out

In the Help tab you can also find information about how you can get in touch with Cellip’s customer service. You can also ask CelliBot for help, straight in a chat or Teams channel!

This app is in Swedish.

This app requires that you have an active subscription with Cellip.

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