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The Easiest to Use Employee In Out Board Software

Keeping track of your staff has never been so easy. No electronic in/out board software supports more platforms, provides more options for updating your status, or makes your life easier than Simple In/Out.

An In/Out Board That's Always Up-To-Date

Our mission is to have the most accurate in/out board ever created. To accomplish this, Simple In/Out can automatically update your status by carrying your phone in and out of the office. We also support updates based on your computer activity.

Staff Visibility

No matter how you use Simple In/Out, you'll have an unprecedented level of visibility into your organization. View all employee statuses on your phone, computer, television, and more. We include email addresses and phone numbers for a great portable company directory. Using Notifications, Simple In/Out can keep you informed of your workforce's activity as it happens.

Employee Time Keeping

Replace your punch clock, time cards, and calculator with a modern approach that saves you time and includes all the benefits of Simple In/Out. Utilizing our app TimeClock and a device in a common area, your users can check in and out with a simple scan of their employee badge.

Stay informed about your organization

At the heart of Simple In/Out is your in/out board of users, available within our apps and on our website. See your users and their current statuses along with any comments they've left for context. With our many presentation options, groups for organizing your users, and search capability, your in/out board software has never been so powerful and easy to use.

See Your Organization

View your colleagues all in one place. Our board displays names, statuses, comments, and more. Use search to quickly find users. Sort your board by multiple columns to see everyone in the order you prefer. Clicking on a user provides their contact details so you'll never need a company directory ever again.

Display Options

Choose the data your in/out board displays like phone numbers, groups, details, etc. Sort by one or multiple columns. You can adjust the text size as well.


Organize your users into groups to allow users to restrict the board to the people they care about. You can also use groups to restrict reports to a given department/team.

Using our connector, all your Simple In/Out status updates can be sent to the group messaging channel of your choosing. Your Simple In/Out board is also viewable within Microsoft Teams via our tab. You never have to leave Microsoft Teams to see your entire board.

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