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Build strong business relationships with gratitude using personalized, thoughtful & instant gifting.

Thnks Outlook Extension

Send gifts directly from Outlook in a few easy clicks. Insert a gift straight into the body of your email and your recipient can accept their gift in one click, with no app download or account creation necessary.

Simple unexpected gestures that demonstrate you value someone's time and respect your relationship have the power to completely change another person's perspective. Thnks gives you an edge by simplifying the act of showing gratitude.

Visit for more information.

Example use cases:

• A 'Thnks A Latte': To thank someone for taking the time to meet with you.

• A bottle of Small-Batch Bourbon: To wish your client a happy birthday or help them celebrate an important milestone.

• Movie Tickets for Two: To give your client and someone they love a night out on you.

• A Dozen Donuts: To apologize or help resolve a difficult situation with a client or prospect.

In order to use send gifts using this extension, you will need to have a Thnks account. Please visit for more information on how to sign up.

Capacitats del complement

Quan s'utilitza aquest complement:
  • Pot enviar dades per Internet.
  • Aquest complement pot accedir a informació personal del missatge actiu i modificar-la, com ara el cos, el tema, el remitent, els destinataris i la informació adjunta. És possible que el complement enviï aquestes dades a un servei de tercers. No es poden llegir ni modificar altres elements de la bústia de correu.

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